A downloadable game for Windows

Unfinished Vinesauce Joel IWBTG fangame

Contains 2 levels with a boss each

2nd level's boss is unfinished and cannot die, but is otherwise complete.

The original plot I came up with was that Joel's twitch got banned and now he's going to go to twitch to take revenge. This wasn't going to be explained in-game and was just going to be a blurb in the game description.


there's a bug where you can't go to level 2 and the game just freezes. so there's only 1 playable level.

Levels and bosses planned to be in the game:

  • Level 3 was supposed to be a recreation of C.B.T. Land
  • Boss 3 was The Wasp. It was supposed to be a joke boss and was going to die in 1 hit
  • Level 4 was going to be "Twitch HQ" and was going to be very short
  • Boss 4 was Twitch. A "Solgryn" clone.

If I wanted to continue making this game, I would remake it from scratch using a real engine.


Windows 108 MB

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